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Our Mission

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*Koshland ED ‘s famous statement more than 3 decades ago: “Of all the mysteries of modern science, the mechanism of self/nonself discrimination in the immune system ranks at or near the top”.

Avotres' Mission is:

  •   To explore and answer this central conundrum in basic and clinical immunology:

    • How the immune system continuously achieve peripheral self-nonself discrimination after normal thymic negative selection is completed?

    • What is/are the exact cellular/molecular mechanism/s of peripheral self-nonself discrimination by which the immune system controls autoimmunity to maintain self-tolerance?

  • To transform the ground-breaking scientific discovery into effective clinical applications, in four medical arears: autoimmune diseases, cancers, transplantation rejection and a precision detective system.

Currently, “Avotres” is trying a completely new approach based on an original and innovative scientific conceptual framework to explore the science of self-nonself discrimination and open a new path on its clinical applications. By pioneering an innovative clinical approach based on a novel conceptual framework in the context of understanding self-tolerance achieved by a mechanism of peripheral self-nonself discrimination mediated by the Q/E CD8+ Treg pathway, “Avotres” is determined to make a difference that has long been needed in the field of immunotherapy.


*Koshland DE, Jr. 1990  Science 248(4961):1273

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