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Company Overview

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Avotres Inc. is a private biotechnology company developing breakthrough therapeutic solutions for incurable immunologically mediated disorders. Targeting these therapeutic areas with significant unmet medical needs, we apply innovative science to unveil potentially paradigm shifting immunological pathways in the hope to transform the treatment for millions of patients. We consider it our mission to tackle these diseases from their root cause(s) and aim to reach the goal of relieving patients from the disease burden.


Our lead asset, AVT001, a cell therapy, is developed to address the common root cause of autoimmune diseases, i.e. loss of self-tolerance. By targeting the novel Qa-1/HLA-E restricted CD8+ regulatory T cell (Q/E CD8+ Treg) mediated pathway, AVT001 has the potential to restore self-tolerance in autoimmune disease patients, thus creating a solid platform to treat a large number of autoimmune diseases efficiently as a disease modifying agent.


At present, Avotres has completed a double blind, placebo controlled, phase I/II combined clinical trial for AVT001 in the United States for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), and is engaging with FDA for an End of Phase II meeting to initiate a Phase III clinical trial for T1D. T1D is a complex, chronic, T cell-mediated autoimmune disease in which the insulin producing pancreatic β cells are destroyed by one’s own immune system. We hope AVT001 can prevent the self-attack on pancreatic β cells in T1D patients.


In addition, Avotres has received positive feedback from FDA, supporting AVT001 to directly enter a phase IIb proof of concept study (PoC) for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

AVT001 has also demonstrated in our preclinical studies its potential for disease modification in many other autoimmune diseases, and for reducing chronic rejection of allografts in organ transplantation without the use of any systemic immuno-suppressant(s).


Finally, we are also developing a monoclonal antibody (mAb), AVT002, as a potential cancer therapy directed at a novel immuno-oncology target. AVT002 has so far demonstrated efficacy in a mouse melanoma model.

Related to our novel Q/E CD8+ Treg peripheral self-tolerance pathway, as part of our portfolio, AVT-Dx 001 is a potential clinical diagnostic test for precise and potentially early diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

With its solid multi-asset platform, Avotres is steadily advancing its pipeline to address high unmet medical needs and eventually provide patients with revolutionary medical solutions for their diseases.

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