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Board of Director


Hong Jiang, MD, PhD

Founder &

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr. Hong Jiang is the founder of Avotres Inc. and the primary inventor of Avotres science and products. She currently serves as the full time Chief Scientific Officer at Avotres. She is also the professor emeritus of Columbia University. Prior to founding Avotres in 2016, Hong was the Professor of clinical immunology at Columbia University where she worked extensively in the scientific research of immune regulation.


Dr. Jiang is one of the leading scientists studying the Qa-1/HLA-E (Q/E) restricted CD8+ regulatory T cell mediated pathway and its role in immune self-tolerance.  With the late Dr. Ben Pernis, Hong discovered and identified the Q/E restricted CD8+ T cell mediated regulatory pathway in both Human and murine systems. She later postulated and validated an innovative, simple and unified conceptual framework of an “Avidity Model of Peripheral T cell regulation” (“Avotres Model”) mediated by the Q/E CD8+Tregs in both basic and clinical immunology.  In collaboration with the late Dr. Leonard Chess, Dr. Jiang further identified and validated the molecular/cellular mechanism of the “Avotres Model”, creating a new approach on targeting immune mediated disorders from the disease root cause.


The pioneering work by Dr. Jiang and Dr. Chess in immune self-tolerance has led to the development of the Avotres platform with therapies for managing a variety of autoimmune diseases, cancers, transplantation rejection and a unique diagnostic assay for early disease detection and monitoring.


Hong received her Ph.D. in microbiology from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, NY.  She also received her MD in internal medicine and MS in immunology from Anhui Medical University in China.

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